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Seminer : Endüstriyel Biyoteknoloji’de 3. Dalga ve Hayat Kimya Ar-Ge Merkezi Faaliyet Alanları

Seminer: Endüstriyel Biyoteknoloji’de 3. Dalga ve Hayat Kimya Ar-Ge Merkezi Faaliyet Alanları
Konuşmacı: Dr. Ahmet KATI
Yer: ERNAM Toplantı Salonu
Tarih: 16 Kasım (Perşembe) 2017
Zaman: 11:00

Ahmet KATI, PhD

Senior Research Sceintist

Hayat Kimya, R&D Center

Dr. Kati is an industrial microbiologist at R&D Center of Hayat Kimya since 2014. He is currently responsible in industrial enzyme and preservatives studies. He led and established a research laboratory for microbial biotechnology in this R&D Center. This laboratory conducts multidisciplinary experiences with other R&D parts. His studies go on antimicrobial applications to FMCG (Fast- moving consumer goods) enzymes to household applications, contammation control to liguid formulations, and environmental microbiology. Based on environment microbiology, his lab follows discovering new microbes, industrial enzyme screening, and fermentation technologies.

He received his BSc degree in Biology from Karadeniz Technical University in 2009. He completed the Msc education in Microbiology, Giresun University in 2011. His PhD degree was from Genetics and Bioengneermg, Yeditepe University in 2016. During his PhD education, he focused on discovering biological control agents and enzyme screening studies. His PhD thesis is about media optimization, scale-up and large scale production of bacteria.