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ERNAM's vision is to establish a center of excellence in nanotechnology studies at Erciyes University. Starting center of the impact area of ​​Kayseri and around, before the after Turkey training on world coverage and nanotechnology, research and researchers infrastructure, scientific publications, patents, of the development of commercial products Erciyes University aims to contribute to become a respected institution of universal criteria.


  • Presenting the necessary laboratory facilities for the studies on the topic of nanotechnology to the academicians of Erciyes University and other universities and the researchers in public and private sectors,
  • The continuous development of the physical laboratory infrastructure in accordance with the ongoing developments in the field of nanotechnology,
  • Development of national and international collaborations and research projects on nanotechnology,
  • Coordination with national and international bilateral collaborations and other nanotechnology research centers,
  • To develop and implement projects with university and industry cooperation
  • The coordination of the development of multidisciplinary research projects and transfer of them to the field of application,
  • The coordination of researchers working in the field of nanotechnology at Erciyes University,
  • Establishment of the necessary academic and laboratory infrastructures for the graduate studies in nanotechnology at Erciyes University,
  • By encouraging awareness in both the university and society, students from all levels are encouraged to research nanotechnology,
  • The training of undergraduate and graduate students on research understanding and methods and the contribution of students to the implementation of research projects,
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and short research visits with the participation of important researchers in the field of nanotechnology,
  • It is aimed to encourage scientific and applied studies by organizing scientific project contests among researchers.